“Data is the next intel inside”

In recent times, data has without a doubt become one of our most valuable resources in our everyday lives, not to mention to some of the biggest technology based companies on the planet. Due to this no matter which way you look at it data has become one, if not the highest priority for companies to protect and obtain at any cost.

Every day, clients, consumers, business and personal users from every corner of the globe are creating, obtaining and sharing valuable date online. It is through the use of Web 2.0 that people have been able to create a vastly growing global resource community to connect with each other and gain instantaneous information.

When speaking of large technology based companies that have had success in harvesting and gathering raw data, Google has been possibly the most effective. One method Google has used to gather data is through the implementation of a multitude of free services. Everyone from a personal to business user loves the concept of free services. Why? Because they are free…Google knows this all too well, and uses it extremely effectively to lure people to generate different types of data that they can find useful.

Without the mass range of data collected and stored over the years, these new services would not have been made possible!!

One of these services that Google uses in this way to gather data is Google Analytics. A relatively simply service that was implemented by Google in the later part of 2005, which allows you to record information on how people found your website, how many visited it on any given date, how they explored it, and ultimately how you can enhance the visitor experience. Thw overall draw point for this service being that your can improve your website return on investment long-term.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would doubt any business trying to utilise their website as a selling point and a business grabber would not benefit from this data. The potential you business holds in its hands by having data compiled for you for free that gives you information on how your customers interact on your website is a very valuable resource. When used effectively your webmaster will have the tool in their arsenal to tweak and improve the website to withhold current as well as draw in new clients

However with all free services, generally there is a catch, especially when you’re dealing with a technology data hungry giant like Google. By using Google Analytics you are essentially giving Google access to data that comes from thousands of websites, giving them up to date information on the latest trends in the online universe of the web.

A rather interesting statement I stumbled upon in a Google Analytics case study, was by a Kintek web developer names James,

“If data is the next ‘Intel Inside’ then Google Analytics is the operating manual for websites operators trying to understand how to improve the usefulness and success of their site”

I think the main point to consider though; it is nothing new that Google’s ethics when it comes to privacy has been questioned in the past and even though Google clearly states that the data will not be used for their own benefits, unless you agree to the sharing of the data, they are always considerations when not having control of your own data.


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11 responses to ““Data is the next intel inside”

  1. Great post – i think collecting data is where Google really receives their ‘payment’ from users. Google provides excellent tools that come free of charge, so I don’t think it’s much to ask for.

    • Yes indeed you’re right about the trade-off between free services and providing Google with data. I guess it all comes down to how sensitive the data is and how much we want it out there for prying eyes to see and control.

  2. Great post! I never really considered just how much data Google gathered on users until studying this subject 🙂

  3. Great post!!, I agree with you, google provides so many free services. But, some times for many people it just like a time bomb, because they rely on services of Google. I might say that it is a kind of control, such as Google bought Motorola, other mobile phone company who use Android would worried about once it is not open sources anymore…… oh, I am sorry that I digress from the topic, I want to say Google is really really smart on trade strategy, and you provide great post about how google gather data. I really enjoy to read your posts.

    • Google is definitley becoming one of those companies that just consumes other companies to gather more resources and data. People rely so heavily on the services that it provides that before long Google really will be the next Microsoft.

  4. You’re absolutely right, the amount of data Google collects about their users is intimidating, to put it lightly… What’s even more scary is that the millions of users who are lured in by free services like GMail and Google Docs never really contemplate it for a second that they’re essentially feeding Google with their private personal data (ironically, also for free…). I think the awareness of the general public needs to be raised to the “hidden costs” of signing up to all these so-called “free” services.

  5. Intersting, I’ve heard of GAnalytics but never investigated it. Oviously it’s a great service. How do you think GAnalytics compete with other similar tools such as Go Stat?

    • I used Analytics on a regular basis, but unfortunately, I have never heard of Go Stat? How does it work?

      • Sorry it is GOStats… it’s older than GAnalytics. Recently there’re 2 kinds of services GOStats provided: free and perfessional ones. I was looking through the free version, and users are reqired to paste some code into their website documents then it works–quite similar to GAnalytics. The perfessional one can be customized.Here’s the link: http://gostats.com/

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