Innovation in Assembly

We live in a world that is growing so rapidly, with development proceeding at a astronomical rate, it’s not hard to believe that the world wide web that we all use so frequently is developing quickly too. These days’ large technology companies are allowing business and personal users the opportunity to customize their own websites and contribute to others like never before. Hence this is the concept of Innovation in Assembly.

Stop! Ok what is Innovation in Assembly!!! This notion is about the way in which Web 2.0 applications can be used as a platform to build on. Still don’t get it? Ok quite simply the main principle behind this core pattern is the concept of a organizations being to develop new and innovative ideas by modifying or building upon pre-existing ideas.

If you look at in these terms, why start a development application project from scratch when the hard work in development may have already been done, and your company can simply build upon the application and modify it to your individuals business needs.

The key benefits among the many that surrounds this platform strategy is allowing your business to get a more complete idea of how certain services are used and attached to other applications easily by using API. API??….Yet another confusing term… API is abbreviated for “Application Programming Interface” this is a process that is used to allow other developers to use the data and coding from one application on another.

Being the largest online video community on the planet which allows users from all corners of the globe to share and watch videos of various natures YouTube is a perfect example of Innovation in Assembly. Allowing contributors that can range from a teenager to a CEO of a major organisation and everything in between to upload their clips and share with others, as well as the ability to edit it on their YouTube page.

The way in which the YouTube API is an extremely effective method of Innovation in Assembly is the ability to let you integrate YouTube video content and functionality into your website, software application, or device. By building on an already well developed platform you harness the ability to control the YouTube player as well as how YouTube videos look on your site.

Costing $0 to use YouTube’s APIs, it is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of using Innovation in Assembly to reach people. Additionally, there is always the added benefit of knowing that YouTube will continue to improve and add features as times goes on.


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9 responses to “Innovation in Assembly

  1. I like that you explained innovation in assembly and the API well. 100,000’s of sites currently use the Youtube API for their sites. Do you have any favourites? I like Animoto, (which my blog is on). You an see a few here: .There are some interesting video related sites using the Youtube API.

    • YouTube definitely is popular among other sites when it comes to utilizing their API. A couple favourites of mine are, which my sister used to use for her kids until it was closed down. was basically a video sharing website for kids under 13 that allow parents to set up parental control and control what their kids can watch. Another cool one is, which allows you to use a online video editor where you can search YouTube’s library and drag’n’drop videos into your playlist, select a new start and end point to create your own videos.

  2. Life before youtube was empty and colourless 😉 It’s an amazing application that gives so much for free. I must admit I only ever really use it to look up funny clips. Do you know of some good examples of websites that have integrated youtbe content on their website?

    • Besides the ones mentioned above to Laurence, another cool one is, Which is a game and social network stock exchange, A very unique site where you can connect your Youtube accounts to see how much they are “worth”, and then buy and sell shares in other users who have connected their accounts.

  3. Thanks for your post, I quite agree with you that YouTube APT is a extremely functional one of Innovation in Assembly. And also the costs for its users is definitely an attraction to reach more users. I think that is the reason why YouTube has become more robust today.

  4. Like you said it cost $0 to use YouTube’s APIs, which is certainly the main reason why many users share and participate in this community which also ties into the Harnessing Collective Intelligence pattern where the sustainability of this application relies on the data and the users, who are participants of this online community in this case Youtube.

  5. Well said! Ultimately the patterns do complement each other quite well, and this is why Web 2.0 applications have become so successful. There future prospect of these applications are almost limitless! It’s exciting to see what happens next!

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